Where's Wally? on QuintoAndar.

For the first time ever, Wally (aka Waldo) came to Brazil and was looking for a new place here
with the help of QuintoAndar, the country's biggest real state agency.

Whoever found him hiding inside thousands of QuintoAndar's houses and apartments,
was running for a year of free rent. 

First, we started off with a teaser:

Then, he arrived in Brazil and started visiting some QuintoAndar's places around the country. 

Then - classic Wally - hehid in several cities around the country, so every few days
we released a new tip. People had to use the filters on the platform to find him.


We made the whole country search for Wally and increased traffic
on QuintoAndar's platform in a fun and nolstagic way.  

powered by 5 hours of sleep.