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and i don't even like soccer. 
you can hit me up to ask why the hell:

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32 years old but i have tiktok on my phone - just for research issues. i don't post anything, ok? i mean, i am 32 years old.

sad & brazilian, but i hold a swiss passport so hi hallo salut hola european creative directors, how you doin'?

currently fooling some folks at gut that i'm a somewhat decent copywriter. talent marcel was my previous victim.

also i'm a vegetarian and i do crossfit so, you know, i must tell you that immediately even though it has absolutely nothing to do with anything. but i'm cool, i swear. you can ask the bar waiters i became friends with.

i won just a few awards, but enough to make my mom embarrass me at every family gathering:

Cannes 2022 
• Silver Lion - Print
• Bronze Lion - Film
• Bronze Lion - Brand Experience
• 12 shortlists

Cannes 2019 
• Bronze Lion - Entertainment for Music

One Show 2020
• Shortlist

Effie Awards 2021
• Gold
• Silver

Profissionais do Ano 2021
• Vencedor Capitais - Sudeste
• Shortlist Capitais - Sudeste

El Ojo 2021
• 2 Gold
• 1 Silver

Ciclope Latino 2021
• 1 Gold
• 2 Shortlists

CannesDo Publicis Groupe 2020
• Top 30 Shortlist

Clube de Criação de SP 2020
• Anuário - Revista e Jornal

Clube de Criação de SP 2019
• Anuário - Design
• Anuário - Ação Promocional / Marketing Direto

Went to Iceland All By Myself 2019
• yeah, i just couldn't really convince anyone to come along


ESPM @ São Paulo, Brazil
Comunicação Social com Ênfase em Propaganda e Marketing

McGill University @ Montreal, Canada
Global Branding
Cross Culture Management
powered by 5 hours of sleep.